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Pelvic Floor Health & Post Breast Surgery Care

Pelvic floor health and post breast surgery chest and shoulder care are two more delicate areas of rehab that are not widely talked about or advertised. For these rehab sessions, most patients choose to be seen in our private room one-on-one with Phoenix Physiotherapy Clinic’s senior therapist who has been practicing since 1998. We are one of the few physiotherapy clinics in Prince George with a focus on pelvic floor and women’s health issues.

Pelvic Floor Treatments

Pelvic floor health is a fairly broad topic and includes treatment for weakness, prolapse and pelvic floor pain (in conditions such as vulvodynia or vaginismas), post-partum and prenatal introduction to Kegels exercises, as well as continence retraining. Treatment includes education, exercises, modalities (if appropriate to help stimulate pelvic floor activation), functional exercises and activity progressions, as well as one-on-one troubleshooting sessions. Most of our patients come in for an average of one session a week for 5 weeks with a physiotherapist and then work on maintenance with a home programme. Follow-up includes integrating core exercises with pelvic floor and functional activities, which vary according to the activity level of the individual.

Pelvic Floor – Core Group Classes

This group class lasts 5 weeks, 1 class per week, and its goal is to aid in retraining of the pelvic floor as well as provide the basics to address lower back pain. As the 5 week program comes to an end, we continue to offer advanced one-on-one sessions with both the Kinesiology and/or Physiotherapist if required. 

Whether you have had issues for years and are just finding time to take care of yourself, or if you have just given birth and have developed a more acute condition, it is time to let us help you get back to your life! Our group class will teach you to:

  • Revamp your pelvic floor
  • Teach your pelvic floor appropriate tone
  • Learn stamina and power building exercises 
  • Activate your core
  • Start to integrate your pelvic floor and core into functional activities

Post-Surgery Chest & Shoulder Care

Post breast surgery chest and shoulder care is for individuals who have had procedures such as enhancement or a mastectomy that have resulted in scars, cording or restricted range of motion. Treatment can include scar massage, passive and active range of motion, cupping (for adherent tissues to separate the layers and allow for greater movement and circulation), microcurrent for pain, lifestyle advice and exercise programs. The frequency for visits depends upon how soon the patient starts treatment after the procedure and how much collagen (scar tissue) a patient produces. Often after a few treatments your therapist can give you an idea of how fast you are progressing.

Personalized Sessions & Home Program Planning

Both of these conditions are treated acutely by your physiotherapist initially, and then functionally as pain and/or mobility increases. After setting your goals with your physiotherapist, functional training begins. Functional training involves one-on-one kinesiology sessions after your physical therapist liaises and forms a plan with our kinesiologist. You will be given a personalized home program that will see you continue to improve and strengthen to get you back to your normal life!

Call to arrange a consultation with our experienced therapist team.

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