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Physiotherapy Equipment & Supplies

Here at Phoenix Physiotherapy Clinic, we feature state-of-the-art medical and exercise equipment to help facilitate a faster, easier recovery for our Prince George patients.

We offer:

  • TENS Machines and supplies
  • Trigger point wands
  • Muscle stimulators
  • Cervical pillows
  • Hot and cold packs
  • Ball cushions (for use on a chair)
  • Exercise balls
  • Spiky body rolls
  • Power Cords, Thera-Bands, door anchors
  • Braces (wrist, ankle, lower back support, tennis elbow brace, Posturmedic braces, plantar fasciitis brace, knee)

Personalized Sessions & Home Program Planning

To being your own individualized rehabilitation program, call our office to arrange for your initial consultation and assessment.

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